Fish Go Deep

Who are you and what do you do?

We are Shane Johnson and Greg Dowling. We've been playing records for twenty years and making music for ten. We're based in Cork, on the south coast of Ireland.

What hardware are you using?

Our Mac Pro is connected to a couple of Dell screens and a MOTU audio interface. This breaks out to an Allen & Heath GS3000 console. Outboard effects and processors includes Focusrite, Lexicon, TL Audio and TC Electronic boxes, although they are used less and less these days.

Synths we use and like include various models from Waldorf, Doepfer, Roland, and Korg. And Greg never tires of hitting his Roland Octapad and Korg Wavedrum percussion synths. There are various guitars, microphones and little percussion instruments lying around too.

We listen to it all on Mackie HR824 monitors, Grado SR80 headphones and, for a lo-fi  reference when mixing, a tinny little Sony stereo.

We've recently switched to Apple's Magic Trackpad for some of that multi-touch goodness. And we've picked up iPads this year and have been using them both as Midi controllers and musical sketchpads.

What software are you using?

Logic 9 runs it all pretty smoothly.

Our favourite soft synths come from companies like GForce, u-he and Arturia. The EVP88 is still great for electric piano and some of Logic's bundled synths are good for simple, punchy sounds.

FXpansion's GURU looks after the drum programming - they have a re-boot of that due soon which we're looking forward to.

We couldn't work without all the SoundToys effects, they're top of our list of plug-ins. Altiverb is our favourite reverb and we also like Logic's Space Designer for certain patches. Other bits and pieces we use include plug-ins from Nomad Factory, Waves, Abbey Road and SPL.

Outside of Logic, we use Melodyne Editor for stripping out samples and building odd sounds and effects. And Audio Ease's Snapper is a great little audio editor.

Non music software on my laptop that I use most would be stuff like Photoshop, Pages, Writeroom, RapidWeaver for websites, iCal and Things for to-dos and other utilities like LaunchBar and Notational Velocity. I also use services like Dropbox, MobileMe and Instapaper to keep everything in sync.

What would be your dream setup?

There will always be some piece of kit that you think will complete your setup but we're pretty happy with what we've got. Although we wouldn't say no to a vintage API console and a completely pimped out Mac Pro. And Greg would definitely surround himself with more modular synths if he could - maybe a Roland System 100 for starters!

Any production tips & tricks or advice you'd like to share?

Above all, make the most of what you've got. Get to know your gear inside out. A lot of great music has been made with very basic set-ups.

And good monitors are worth every cent - studio work is much more enjoyable if you can accurately hear what you're doing.

And finally, pay for your plug-ins. You can't really complain about your music being pirated if you're producing it with a folder full of cracked software.

Where can we find you on the web?

Fish Go Deep / SoundCloud / Facebook / Twitter /