Sid Le Rock

Who are you and what do you do? How long have you been a working musician?

Hello, I'm Sid Le Rock and I've been producing music since 1998.

What is your educational background? Are there any schools, courses, or books you recommend?

I have an educational background in Music Engineering & Music Management from Harris Institute in Toronto, Canada.

What hardware are you using?

For the album, I used my MicroKorg to create some of the bass lines and arpeggiated synths . Great, simple to function digital keyboard with an analogue sound to it. As they were only collecting dust, I convinced my friend to allow me to make use of his JUNO-106 and Poly-800 synthesizers for creating lush pads and layered sound scapes. All combined, they were all the extra ingredients I needed to add warmth for the end product.

For multi sequencing & effect sends assignments, Akai's MPD24 was an essential piece in my studio for real time control. Both Digitech's Vocal 300 & Korg's Kaoss Pad were amazing pieces for my vocal tracks. With its multi effects, the Vocal 300 was what helped most by adding depth & warmth to my voice. A fantastic part of my gear collection for the studio or on tour, as it can be placed on the floor when space isn't available. Finally, the Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro Mixer combined with my Genelec 8030a Nearfield Speakers & the Yamaha HS10W subwoofers, all gave me the quality & clarity of sound that I most depend on.

What software are you using?

Mainly I used Ableton 8 for building & arranging the tracks. Then I exported all my stem works to Logic for pre-master mix down. Waves Diamond Bundle played an immense role in shaping its quality of sound.

What would be your dream setup?

A while back, my studio was broken into on two separate occasions. Meaningful to my early beginnings in producing music, I would simply love to replace what was once painfully taken from me. So with that, I would have to say that my dream set up would have to be my old Oberheim Matrix 12 and Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. But most importantly, the Yamaha AN1x which my father had bought for me as my first keyboard.

Can you describe your creative process? Is there a particular routine or schedule you stick to?

Usually my best time for creativity is in the evening, when everything slows down. But as of late, I've conditioned myself to working days where I turn off all social interruptions. There's no struggle with keeping routine. Only problem I face is finding a routine with the creative process.

Where do you shop for and discover music?

Usually I find that I'm most open to discovering music when I'm out gigging at some club. Other times when friends recommend something or as an A & R for my label, Beachcoma Recordings.

Any highlights from your latest musical discoveries?

There are a lot of amazing discoveries just waiting to be heard. Particularly now, I'm personally pleased with how musicians today are incorporating all forms of musical medium, genres and new technologies.

A great example of this comes from My Favorite Robots label mate & pal, Fairmont. As we both worked under the same roof while completing our own albums, I picked up some useful studio techniques from him.

Apart from that, I mainly draw my inspiration from indie music. Bands like Ween that experimented with overdubs and 4 track home recordings, to the simple but extremely effective music produced by AC/DC.

What's brewing in your studio?

Now that I've completed my Sid Le Rock album, " Busted With a Bag of Bliss", I'm left with a feeling of post album depression. As relieved as I was when I finished it, I kinda miss the ups & downs of working on a big creative project. Like an old man that was forced into retirement…sort of ;) But, I do enjoy the time away to contemplate on my next future creations.

Any production tips & tricks you'd like to share?

Sound proofing your studio can make you insane. Just get to know what you're using, and use it well. Your ears will help you navigate through the rest for a satisfactory result.

Where can we find you on the web?

SoundCloud / Facebook /